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Avara launches protected E1 support for the DynaFlex DB4 Multiplexer Unit

Avara has announced the availability of full E1 level protection for the DynaFlex DB4 multiplexer unit with guaranteed symmetrical operation. This feature offers full interoperability with the Nokia Dynanet DB2-T product and provides enhanced visibility of connection status and alarms.


Avara launches its shdsl product line for its DynaFlex Multiservice Node

Avara today announced the availability of its shdsl line cards for the DynaFlex Multiservice Platform. Two units have been announced to support functionality requested by many of Avara Rail and Utility customers. The first is an access card which allows users to connect their multiplexers to spur locations over copper to deliver 2M services using industry standard shdsl capable modems. The second is a transport card which allows DynaFlex nodes to be inter connected in linear, ring and mesh topologies to deliver protected services over copper infrastructure.

Stephen Lacey, CTO at Avara, said: "The shdsl access card provides a means of extending services such as serial data, voice and even Ethernet to remote locations in a very cost effective manner. The transport card is equally important and necessary to support the protected applications that our customers need to operate their mission critical networks."


Avara successfully demonstrates full DynaFlex to FMX-2 Interoperability to main Rail customer in Australia

Avara today demonstrated full interoperability with now end of life FMX-2 Multiplexer product from Siemens. A full battery of tests from serial data to FXS/FXO interoperability to G.703/64K co/contra directional operation were conducted with a major Rail operator in Australia, making DynaFlex a fully verified solution to maintain or replace FMX-2 deployments.

Alex Lioznov, Business Development Manager at Avara, said: "This level of interoperability gives our customers an unprecedented level of options. They can now extend their existing FMX-2 networks or replace them and they can do this at their own pace: node by node or even on a circuit by circuit basis. This will mean a significant saving in operational costs of maintaining and rebuilding FMX-2 networks."


Avara announces the availability of the EXU channel card to support switched Ethernet applications and PoE devices for DynaFlex

Avara today announced the availability of its Ethernet channel card for the DynaFlex Multiservice Platform with features and functionality tailored to support Rail and Utility applications. The single slot plug in card provides 10/100Base-T interfaces with a full complement of switched Ethernet features such as VLANs and rate limiting. It also offers PoE support to simplify installations of wireless access points and VoIP phones. It will also provide features such as 802.1x and MAC address locking to ensure secure network access.

A Utility customer said: "One of the key features that this card provides is the multiple WAN port functionality with topology discovery that allows customers to provide deterministic Ethernet connectivity and performance for mission critical applications."


Avara announces its plans to provide a SCADA interface unit to its DynaFlex Multiservice Node functionality

Avara today announced its plans to provide a SCADA unit for the DynaFlex Platform. It will support a combination of analogue and digital inputs, including support for pulse inputs, together with dry contact outputs. This unit will be pluggable into all DynaFlex subracks and is fully integrated into the node from a management perspective. Other features such as 4 to 20mA current and thermocouple interfaces are also planned to provide a more complete range of interfaces to current sensor networks.

Steve Cross, Business Development Manager at Avara, said: "This unit will provide our customers with an integrated solution to provide access to the variety of sensors found in typical substation environments and thus improve manageability and reliability."


Avara launches its SDH transport product for its DynaFlex Multiservice Node

Avara today announced the availability of its STM1/4 transport card for the DynaFlex Multiservice Platform with features and functionality tailored to support Rail and Utility applications. The plug in card provides 4 x STM1/4 directions with E1 and 10/100/1000Base-X Ethernet tributary interfaces. It supports Ring, Terminal and Linear Mid-span topologies and provides SNCP & MSP protection.


Avara launches its Digital Cross Connect (DXC) product for the DynaFlex platform

Avara today announced the availability of its Digital Cross Connect product as part of the DynaFlex Multiservice Platform. Designed in a modular manner, the DXC allows users to cross connect up to 32 x E1 interfaces at an Nx8kbps granularity and offers a highly reliable cross connect solution ideal for use in critical networks. Rich in synchronisation options, the DXC can be used to The DXC node is fully manageable and is fully interoperable with the Nokia DN2 and DB2 products.


Latest SW release for DynaFlex provides complete interoperability with the Nokia Dynanet product

Summary under construction.


Avara launches its DynaFlex Multiservice Node for Mission Critical Networks

Avara today announced the availability of its DynaFlex Multiservice Node product featuring support for TDM and IP/Ethernet for mission critical applications.

The product is a fully featured, flexible, access multiplexer with powerful cross connect & protection capabilities, interoperable and compatible with the Nokia Dynanet product. With the capability to handle a wide range of interfaces like POTS, SCADA, Ethernet, Serial Data and Tele-Protection, the DynaFlex platform is an ideal choice for transporting mission critical TDM services over PDH, SDH or Ethernet based packet interfaces.

DynaFlex offers a broad range of hot pluggable channel cards to complement a range of physical interfaces in a modular manner:

  • C37.94 Tele-protection
  • V and X Type Serial Interface
  • G.703/64K Co/Contra Interface
  • Layer 2 Ethernet Interface
  • FXS POTS Interface
  • FXO POTS Interface
  • Voice Frequency Interface
  • POTS to SIP Conversion Unit

  • 2011-11-16

    Avara participates at Radiocomms Connect in Melbourne

    Radiocomms Connect, Australia's only event dedicated to the needs of the radio and combined communications industries and their users, opened its doors in Melbourne's Docklands for the fifth consecutive year. Over 500 delegates and visitors are expected to attend the two-day conference and exhibition to hear from over 30 local and international experts to take us through a series of case studies, panel sessions and dealer-specific industry presentations. Avara as an advanced telecommunication devices provider, presented its product portfolio in the fast reputation-established exhibition at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.